L. Windham


Get ready to fall in love, because New York City based jewelry designer Laurie Windham has launched her first jewelry line and it is drop dead gorgeous! L.Windham combines swarovski crystals and unique geometric shapes with a vintage flare and a contemporary twist to create a jewelry collection that will attract complements all day long. I got the honor of asking Laurie (who I have no doubt will soon be covering the pages of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue) a few questions!

What is your favorite part about designing and making jewelry?

There are so many aspects of designing jewelry that I love. The whole process is so fun and really allows me to express my creativity into a wearable piece of art. My favorite part about designing jewelry is seeing women wear my jewelry designs. I love when women come up to me and tell me how much they adore wearing the jewelry. That feeling of genuine excitement a woman gets from wearing L.Windham jewelry is what makes me want to continue doing this forever!

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

There is so much beauty around us whether it be in nature, a museum, or a magazine. I draw inspiration from everywhere, but most of it comes to me when I lie down and close my eyes. My best designs come to be when I am relaxed. I am able to piece different shapes together in my mind to form new designs, and once I come up with a design, I put a pen to paper and sketch out the idea. 

What is the one piece of advice you would give to others who are looking to pursue their dreams?

I would urge people to not procrastinate. Make an end goal, and see it through. It’s scary!  Believe me. I have doubts all the time about whether I’m being silly to pursue such a farfetched dream, but this is what I love. I have only one life to live, so I need to make sure I do something great with it. I want to inspire others to pursue their dreams, and don’t ever let someone tell you can’t do it. 

I cannot wait to get my hands on some  all of her gorgeous pieces- here are some of my faves!

Emily Necklace 

Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth 


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