“Whistle While You Work”

The other day I discovered a company called WeWork; they are a coworking company with locations all over the world including my favorite city, NYC!  It got me dreaming about my {hopefully} future work space, which would be an office with tons of natural lighting, exposed brick walls, and a floor to ceiling window overlooking either Bryant Park or the Hudson River… I mean a girl can dream right?

Once I moved away to college, I started realizing the importance of having your own personal workspace; a place not only to study, but a place that I could be creative as well!  This past year I moved into an apartment with a loft room and I quickly started transforming it into my dream space (or as close as I could on a college budget). Here were some of the essential elements for creating my ultimate working space:

ColorsI had seen a pink, black and gold room on Pinterest and decided to go with that as my color theme!  Being a very ‘matchy matchy’ person, if it wasn’t pink, gold, white or black, it didn’t go in my room (even my quotes on my chalk wall have to be written in pink or white).

QuotesI’m sort of a quote-aholic (if that’s even a thing), I love having quotes everywhere.  I ordered two prints from Pretty Print Shopand then created my own Breathtakingly Beautiful print.


My favorite part of my room is my chalkboard wall which is covered top to bottom in quotes!


New YorkUntil I can have an office in New York, I feel the need to have pictures of NYC surrounding me at all times.  I found this canvas of the Brooklyn Bridge at Hobby Lobby for less than $20 AND it was the right colors, so I obviously had to get it. Having pictures of the city around me inspires me to always keep chasing my dreams!


PicturesFor me, a room is not truly complete without at least a few pictures of my precious family and friends!


I cannot keep still to save my life, so instead of a chair I sit on an exercise ball!


My other workspace essentials include Sharpie pens, my Plum Paper Planner, and obviously lots of coffee!


Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth 


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