Modani Living Room

One of the things I’m looking forward to most when I graduate college is having a space of my own to decorate!  If you haven’t heard of Modani yet, get ready to fall in love; Modani creates timeless furniture, but with a modern twist! I’ve put together my idea of a perfect living room incorporating sleek modern pieces, with chic girly items, just like my wardrobe!


For the focal point of my room, I settled on a modern black sofa from Modani’s chic Sofa Collection!  When it comes to clothes, I often times always wear all black with a pop of color, so I wanted my living room to reflect that.  I loved the sleek glass coffee table and lamp.  Hot pink brightens up any room, so I used it as my pop of color!  I thought the rug perfectly tied in the black and the silvers in the room.  The suitcases were love at first sight; not only do they show my love to travel, but they double as storage!

Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth 


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