100 Beautiful Days


If you remember this post, on June 6th I started 100 Beautiful Days (based off the popular 100 Happy Days trend).  I missed my ‘Video a Day‘ project, so I gave into the ‘Picture a Day’ idea.  What I learned throughout these 100 days is priceless, as cliche as it may sound. I learned to take care of ME.  I learned to put MYSELF first.  Unlike the Video a Day, which could be positive or negative, for my 100 Beautiful Days, I wanted my pictures to be something beautiful, something I loved.  If the day was drawing to an end and I hadn’t done something to make myself happy (and snap a photo), I made sure to change that.  Even if it was something as simple as going to my favorite coffee shop (La Colombe of course) or taking a break from studying to walk my dog; I made sure to do something for ME. God has used the last 100 days to transform me, and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store! I can’t upload the video directly to wordpress, but  if you click here you can watch it!

Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth


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