Dream * Wish * Believe Canvases


This last week I had the task of furnishing/decorating my whole living room from scratch; while it was fun, it was also daunting.  I decided on the color scheme first: gray and pink; and of course a New York theme.  Since I’m only going to be in my apartment nine more months I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on it and wanted to keep it pretty simple. I wanted some type of DIY project in the room and settled on three ‘word’ canvases- super easy to make and fairly cost effective.  To fit in with the color scheme I made my three pictures (that I took in NYC over the summer) black and white.  Using the program ‘Collage Creator Lite’, I imposed the words on them and reformatted them to 16 x 20.  I ordered the prints from Walgreens and got three 16in by 20in canvases from Hobby Lobby along with light pink paint.  I painted the edges of the canvases and once the paint was dry put a layer of matte modge podge on the canvases, then carefully placed the photo on top.  I’ve seen it done both ways online, but I didn’t put a layer of modge podge over the picture.  I was really excited with how they turned out!

IMG_5615Chair on Left: World Market Papasan Chair 

Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth 


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