Marie Nails

While shopping on Madison Avenue a few weeks ago, I overheard a shopper talking about a nail art salon that was ‘difficult to get into’.  I accepted this as a challenge and immediately went home and tried to make an appointment.  I couldn’t get one in the  two weeks I was looking at, so I gave up for the time being and called a few weeks later.  Today I had the lovely experience of getting a manicure done at Marie Nails in Soho, and now I’m obsessed!

After hours on Instagram and Pinterest I decided I wanted a version of this design.


I only wanted the one polka dot design on my ring fingers, no stones, silver glitter on my middle finger and thumb, and finally purple instead of turquoise on the other nails.

I had a 4:45 appointment, but I had heard if you’re not there on time they will give your appointment away to someone else, so I got there around 4:30 and they took me right away.  I was given a book of all the nail colors and ALL the glitter options which I was in awe of.


I had one lady who only ‘prepped’ my nails; it was the most thorough buffing/filing I’ve ever had done.  Then a different lady (Cindy) started applying the Calgel.  Calgel is similar to shellac, but it comes in little pots instead of bottles; supposedly it’s better for your nails and stays on longer.


Cindy was so sweet, spoke wonderful English and made sure that my nails were absolutely perfect! The whole process took about an hour and a half; here is the finished product!


I never really could figure out how they priced things, but my total came out to be $57.

Pros: My lady Cindy was wonderful and it was definitely the best looking manicure I have ever received!

Cons: It is definitely difficult to get an appointment, not a place you can just walk into.  Their manicures don’t include massages or anything other than filing, buffing and painting.  It also is kind of expensive, definitely a special occasion place. And word of warning: if you have gel on your nails from another salon they charge $2/nail to remove it.

Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth


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