Cruciani: The New “It” Bracelet


Last week while at the Shops At Columbus Circle, I stumbled into Crucianil; unsure of what exactly it was, I didn’t pay much attention to it.  Within the week I started seeing Cruciani bracelets everywhere- most recognizably on BaubleBar’s website! These macrame bracelets, 100% handmade in Italy, are all the rage! They are lightweight, making them perfect for summer and come in a HUGE variety of colors- everything from neon to metallic.  I wanted a color (not a neutral), but I also wanted one that would match everything, so I chose their classic Clover Bracelet in Blush. Their bracelets average $18 making them a great gift! The only downside is that they tie onand are kind of difficult to tie yourself.

Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth


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One response to “Cruciani: The New “It” Bracelet

  1. I saw those all over italy in shops and street markets! Had I known they were the new “it thing” I would’ve gotten one!

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