NYC Hotspot: Peacefood Cafe


I’ve been researching all the “Must Eats” in NYC and stumbled across the Buzzfeed article: 39 New York City Foods That Deserve More Hype.  After seeing Peacefood Cafe’s Chickpea Fries, I had to try them!  With two different locations in NYC, Peacefood Cafe is all vegan, yet they have a pretty big selection to choose from. Their Chickpea Fries were incredible, definitely not something you could get anywhere else!  Their baked goods also looked amazing!  I’m already planning on going back to try something new!


Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth



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3 responses to “NYC Hotspot: Peacefood Cafe

    • Love your posts! I’m a huge sex and the city fan too!

      • Ah thanks hun SATC is the all time best when we did the tour she said they might be re forming to do another film or even a series I had my fingers and toes crossed! I had a reading from the film on my wedding day the love poem Carrie sits in bed reading in one of the films 🙂

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