Exquisite Designs by Ngozika


If you want to see what I’ll be wearing everyday the next two months just look at the picture above; I put on this Cape/Sweater by Exquisite Designs and have refused to take it off since.  Featured in Dark Grey, here are 10 reasons why you too should get this sweater!

1. It’s unique; no one else will have a sweater like it

2. It’s super soft & warm

3. It can be dressed up for a night out, or down for lounging around

4. The design up close is incredibly detailed and unique

5. It’s long enough to wear with leggings

6. This ‘cape’ style is one of the top trends this winter

7. Ngozika, the designer and creator is fabulous

8. It’s probably the most comfortable thing you will ever own

9. It matches basically anything

10. Next thing you know Exquisite Designs by Ngozika will be showing at New York  Fashion Week


Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth

Connect with Exquisite Designs via  Twitter & Instagram @FashionDivaNgo


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