Homeland Tees


Caroline from House of Harper had a home tee so I got one too. (Mean girls reference anyone)  Let me preface this post… Yes I live in Texas, but since my heart is in New York and it will be my future home, I chose a Grey New York Home Tee (the purple looked really pretty too). When I say obsessed with this shirt, it is definitely an understatement. New York + Grey + The softest shirt in my life makes for a very happy Amy. Homeland Tees doesn’t just sell shirts though; they sell really cool bumper stickers and these amazing State Prints (which I’ll probably be purchasing soon). All of these items would make a perfect gift for a friend who is moving or a college student who is starting to feel a little home sick.


IMG_0950This really is the softest shirt ever by the way


Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth


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2 responses to “Homeland Tees

  1. Paka and Paka

    great blog today…thought the “state” tees were very clever…good going!…Paka

  2. Lol im sure your parent are thrilled you chose NY as your home 😉 I LOVE the shirt and the leather jacket! 😀

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