Manhattan Tote Bag


I cannot get over this tote! As soon as I recieved it in the mail last week, I instantly emptied my purse into this tote to use for the rest of the day my life. Here are 10 reasons I’m obsessed with this bag:

1. It has an amazing picture of the island of Manhattan

2. The writing is red which is one of the in colors for both fall & spring

3. It is super light weight

4. It’s large enough to hold everything, but not so big that it’s annoying

5. It says Manhattan instead of New York, which is so much cooler

6. I’ve been to the majority of places on the map

7. In addition to their fabulous Etsy Shop, Lou & Esi have a great website with mouthwatering recipes

8. Lou & Esi is actually based in NYC

9. Their Twitter (@louandesi) has incredible pics around New York

10. I wouldn’t be surprised if these become the next big thing with celebs from Manhattan



Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth


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