FORMULA X for Sephora

After reading on every blog about the launch of Formula X for Sephora, I could not wait to get to Dallas and get my hands on the latest and greatest nail polish. With over 100 colors (not an exaggeration), choosing one was one of the hardest decisions of my life (well, maybe not my entire life); I finally settled on a beautiful metallic/army green called Rocket Fuel. I got suckered into buying the pack that includes a cleanser, basecoat and topcoat and could not be more satisfied with that decision. I only needed 1 coat of the green to make it look perfect; I never only need one coat!  AND it dries super fast! My next purchase?  I am dying to try out their nail drying drops!

IMG_0327FORMULA X for Sephora: Rocket Fuel

XSetFORMULA X for Sephora: The System 

FORMULA X for Sephora: Nail Drying Drops 

Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth


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