Fashion Week Essentials


After working multiple AMAZING shows this season at NYFW, here is my list of must-haves for anyone backstage at Fashion Week.


1. Phone Charger: Your phone will die, possibly even after charging in multiple times that day. If you don’t bring a charger you have no luck.

2. Comfortable Shoes: You will be standing and running around a lot, I reccommend: Vince Camuto Luoise Et Cie Cadance 

3. Coffee: Say it with me CAFFEINE

4. Black Nail Polish: I’ve never in my life been a fan of black nail polish, but since we had to wear all black and everyone at my office painted their nails black I decided to be a follower and join along… I thought it looked surprisingly classy yet fashionable; Try Butter London Union Jack Black Nail Lacquer

5. Small Crossbody: There won’t be any super secure place for your belongings, so I suggest investing in a small black crossbody that you can keep on you during the day. This one is perfect: MICHAEL Michael Kors Bedgord Gusset Crossbody 

Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth


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