New York Hotspot: Chobani SoHo


I didn’t use to be a huge fan of greek yogurt, but it’s recently grown on me. I kept seeing ads around SoHo for Chobani’s shop, so during my last week I stopped in for breakfast one morning.  I got a half order of the ‘Pisatchio and Chocolate’ which was topped with dark chocolate, mint, oranges, honey and pistachios…. And it was AMAZING!  At $4 for a half portion and $5.50 for a full, it was very reasonable and you also can keep the glass bowl it comes in!  Don’t have room in your kitchen for another bowl?  Turn it in to them to receive a coupon for 25cents off your next Chobani creation! You can also buy prepackaged Chobani in every flavor that they make!




IMG_9192Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth


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