New York Hotspot: tenoverten

IMG_8849I’m used to walking in a nail place whenever I feel like it and them taking me right away… Well that’s not how it is with tenoverten and I now know why! I had read about this nail spa in some magazine and obviously had to try it; after doing so much walking my feet were disgusting, so I decided a pedicure was much needed.  After trying to walk-in and them being booked, I made an appointment online (such a great system) at the Le Parker Meridien location (they also have a location in Tribeca).  Instantly when I stepped in I noticed that it smelled like a normal room… Not an overwhelming smell of nail polish like most places. I was greeted and offered water, tea, diet coke, or diet dr. pepper, which was then served in a glass instead of a can which was a nice touch.  When picking out nail polishes I realized that this was definitely a high end place; they offered some of the top nail polish brands including Chanel and their own personal line, which I wanted to try. I went completely outside of my comfort zone and went with this bright turquoise/green.  I was asked if I wanted an iPad to play on while I got my pedi- I loved this idea because I could go on pinterest and put my phone away, not worry about it and relax! One thing I noticed is it was so peaceful, at most nail places all the workers are all talking loudly to eachother and it was a nice change to not hear that. While it was a little higher priced than what I was used to, it was definitely worth it; they tell you online $35 for a 35 minute pedicure. They DO take credit cards, which is not necessarily assumed in New York.  If you’re looking to treat yourself, I would definitely recommend making an appointment at tenoverten!



IMG_8847Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth


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