Quote of the Day: The Life You’ve Imagined


“Live the life you’ve imagined” — What does that mean to you?  After this summer it takes on a different meaning to me.  I truly got the opportunity to live the life that I dreamed of.  There were moments when I literally just looked around and took a moment to soak it all up.  Two years ago I would have never imagined the life I have today.  I love this picture because it was actually shot in Central Park; in the background sort of blurred out is the Victorian Gardens Amusement Park, which is in Central Park.  While shooting this picture I didn’t think about it, but when I got home I started thinking…. Could this picture kind of be a reflection of what life should look like?  As we grow up we need to move on from the ways of our past, whether good or bad, because they are behind us.  And while our past makes us who we are, we need to continue moving forward and truly start living the life we imagined. This fabulous bracelet is actually from Belmonili on Etsy who makes amazing quote bracelets with an assortment of quotes than can all be found here; Stay tuned later in the week for more fabulous pieces from Belmoili!

Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth



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3 responses to “Quote of the Day: The Life You’ve Imagined

  1. Beautiful post, thank you so much for including my bracelet!

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