Etsy Review: Leather Feather Earrings


Want some amazing jewelry from Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie? How about instead heading over to Essly on Etsy where you can get Urban and Antrho inspired jewelry, BUT at affordable prices.  And here comes the best part: 100% of Emily’s (the owner of Essly) profits go to Compassion International which helps out children in poverty around the world.  She shared a quote that inspired her to start this by Thoreau, “What a wonderful miracle, if only we could look through each other’s eyes for an instant.” Her jewelry includes incredible beaded statement necklaces, gorgeous wood bib necklaces, and my personal favorites, her leather feather earrings! These Black & White Feather Earrings are even more amazing in person if that’s even possible!  They are the perfect size where they will definitely catch someone’s attention, but aren’t obnoxious.  These are definitely a must have and would make the perfect gift for a friend!

IMG_0234Isn’t this such a fun presentation?!?

Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth


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