Etsy Review: EmmaJules

I have been super excited about this post, but was waiting until I got the exact right pics that I wanted!  First let me introduce you to Etsy Shop: EmmaJules run by Sherie.  This shop sells J.Crew/Kate Spade style jewelry, BUT at very affordable prices.  We’ll start with these Chandelier Earrings. Are these not some of the most gorgeous statement earrings you have ever seen?!?  When I was shooting pictures of them I couldn’t get over how perfect they were!



I paired the earrings here with just a solid black top.  Side note: My friend came up to NYC this past week, we’ve been friends for twenty years!!!  It’s crazy how time flies!  


Now… This necklace.  When I received it in the mail I definitely sent pictures to all my friends and the responses were unanimously the same.  “Ohhhh I REALLY like that if you don’t want it.”  and “What are the odds I could borrow that?”.  The fun came wearing it around NYC;  one of the workers in Saks came over to me and admired it first.  Then a few days later one of the workers at a fashion magazine I was dropping off clothes to complimented it.  Not gonna lie, I kind of felt like a celebrity wearing this necklace, so I’d urge you to snatch it up before they’re gone!




While yes I realize this isn’t the best picture of the necklace, I love how you can see the reflections of all the buildings in the water.  The earrings were shot in Riverside Park and the necklace was shot in Central Park. 


Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth


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One response to “Etsy Review: EmmaJules

  1. Paka and Paka

    how unusual!…. very classy… you’re making good choices…. love you….Paka

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