Quote of the Day, 10,000 Views & JeuneBelle


The other day I woke up to an email from my dad congratulating me on my 10,000th blog hit! A few days later I was in one of those weird reflective moods and started thinking back to when I started my blog in October. I started kind of on a whim thinking it would be something fun to do and not knowing how long this ‘project’ would last… Well nine months and 10,000 views later I’m still in awe of how this happened.  Throughout this time I’ve obtained two internships in my dream city, been published on Lucky Magazine’s website, had my blog retweeted by DKNY PR Girl, and have started partnering with some fabulous Etsy shops— Like JeuneBelle. How amazing is this painting?  I’m in love with it for so many different reasons! All of the paintings in her Etsy shop are wonderful, it was so hard to choose one!


Oh yeah, and my parents got two baby kittens who have officially replaced me and my sister, haha!  They love the painting too!

Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth

PS: I’m now on Instagram @breathtakinglybeautiful 



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2 responses to “Quote of the Day, 10,000 Views & JeuneBelle

  1. Paka and Paka

    Good going Lizzy…good choices in your products…have fun…P

  2. Congrats on going over 10,000 hits so quickly! You are amazing Amy.

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