Etsy Review: Molly Rose Balms

IMG_0158It never seems to fail that every morning I wake up with my lips peeling dead skin… Yeah I know it’s disgusting.  I’ve tried different lip scrubs, but had never fallen in love with one until now!  Molly Rose Citrus Almond Lip Scrub is my new best friend.  4 things I love about this product that I hadn’t found with other scrubs before (1) It comes in a tube so you don’t have to dig the scrub out with your fingers. (2) It’s all natural, vegan, organ, etc. (3) Instead of leaving my lips feeling raw, it gets the dead skin off and moisturizes my lips at the same time (4) It smells and tastes amazing!  I also got a sample of her Red White and Blueberry Flavor of the Month lip balm which is amazing, I will definitely be ordering some of her lip balms too! Looking for the perfect gift? Check out her Flavor of the Month Subscription to get a full sized lip balm in a new flavor every month!  Visit her wonderful Etsy shop here!


IMG_0161Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth


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One response to “Etsy Review: Molly Rose Balms

  1. I’m so glad you like them! Thank you so much for your review. -Molly

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