Lovely B Jewelry


When I got a package in the mail the other day I wasn’t entirely sure what is was, but when I opened it I was convinced that somehow some upscale department store had sent me jewelry, but I realized it was actually from LovelyB Jewelry.  This jewelry line will one day end up in Nordstrom (or Bloomies, Saks, Neimans, etc) I’m calling it now! I made jewelry for years, so I know a little about how it works, and I have to say I have tremendous respect for Allison, the creator of LovelyB.  Her pieces are unique and she has such an eye for detail, even the charm on the bracelet has a little ‘L’. I love that they can also match anything!  Go to her Etsy shop or her website and pick up a piece now before it’s on Elle’s most wanted!

IMG_0124Fiesta Bracelet with Turquoise Stone

IMG_0143Fiesta Earrings 

Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth


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