Etsy Review: Starfish Necklace

Can you tell I’m in a Nautical mood; I mean Nautical is in! And without a pool or beach around me, I have to find some way to stay in a summer mood. Let me say… a picture cannot do justice to some things and this necklace is one of them.  I loved this necklace the first time I saw it online, but when I opened the package I was OBSESSED with it- like I instantly started planning my outfits around the necklace!  Since you can’t actually feel it, you may think the starfish is plastic, but it is not; it’s a real starfish on a chain- How cool is that?  All of Gennie’s coastal inspired jewelry will transport you to the beach for the day if you can’t get away! Check out her wonderful Etsy shop here!

IMG_0106The card she sent me with the necklace was such an amazing extra special touch!



Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth



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2 responses to “Etsy Review: Starfish Necklace

  1. Very cute! love starfish jewelry for the summer! ~ Global Jewelry

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