Etsy Review: Love Across the Miles Card

I don’t know about you, but I have nights (more than I want to admit) that I just sit on Etsy and find hundreds of things I want to buy!  Well, a few weeks ago I stumbled across these, Sending Love Across the Miles Cards, and fell in love! The owner of the Etsy shop, SouthrnWildFlower, Gina, was kind enough to send me one;  I’ve bought from Etsy multiple times, and Gina has no doubt been the best seller to work with, she responds quickly and customizes the cards to your wanting.  The card was beautifully made down to every last detail- I can’t wait to send it! Check out the pictures below!




IMG_0035Even the envelope has a cute little heart on it!

IMG_0036Every last detail including the packaging was adorable, thanks Gina! 


Amy Elizabeth



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2 responses to “Etsy Review: Love Across the Miles Card

  1. Thank you So much for such a Wonderful review Amy! Great Blog!!!!

  2. Paka and Paka

    cute idea Liz….. Paka

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