Bloomingdales Saves the Day

If you are like me, one of the worst experiences is shopping for jeans; every brand fits differently, every cut in the same brand fits differently and sometimes you don’t even know what size to pick up to try first.  Well, Bloomingdales has created a machine to solve all your problems, say hello to Me-Ality. Me-ality is a program created by Bloomingdales to make your shopping experience more enjoyable! Step into a Me-Ality size matching machine and after 10 seconds you’ll get a list of the best styles, brands and sizes according to your body. When I heard about this new concept I knew I had to try it!  While I wasn’t currently in the market for jeans, I’m excited to have a guide to show me which pairs to buy in the future!



IMG_0024Part of my Me-Ality Guide

IMG_0031Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth


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