A Day for ME

Today I took a day for ME… Which was a first!  I went to my favorite place for lunch, got my nails done, and of course got Starbucks, but more importantly  I took a ‘phone fast.’ Except for one or two texts that I needed to respond to, I put my phone on silent and completely forgot about it.  If you know me, you know I am glued to my phone, but this little experiment has showed me that I need to be more focused on what is happening in the moment I’m in rather than what’s on Facebook or my ever so handy CNN app. Whatever people need from me can wait.  Whatever is on my to-do list can wait. Do you ever take a day to just breathe?  I found this quote on pinterest the other day and it really hit me; I feel like I had been keeping myself so busy that I was both physically and mentally drained- I didn’t think it was okay to take a day to just breathe.  Well let me tell you, you NEED to!  Today was a much needed day of rest, joy and more importantly putting myself first on my priority list!  Take a day this week to just breathe; put your phone away, get a good book, go to the spa or make some hot tea, but just breathe- the stuff you have to get done will still be there tomorrow, I promise!

Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth


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