MBFW-Part 2

Day 2 started bright & early- 6am to be exact which is 5am Texas time (Luckily the Starbucks by the office opened at 5:30)! We loaded the truck & hopped in our Mercedes-Benz vans (quite fitting for the occasion) and headed over to Lincoln Center. Once there I got to help check in the models & press, put the shoes and outfits with the correct model board & help people find whatever they were looking for whether it was a person, place or something as simple as batteries!  I felt like I was dreaming the entire time!  I got to see the lounge outside the theater and got to see the theater before anyone had entered!  Showtime was at 10, so a little before it started me and a few other interns went in the theater to see if we would be able to stand along the back and catch some of the show.  Right before it started some of the workers came around and were like “if there is an open seat take it, the shows about to start” .  Someone pointed me in the direction of a seat on the 3RD ROW!  Across from me I spotted Fern Mallis- Fern Mallis is the former Executive Director of CFDA and is known as the Creator of Fashion Week (it was originally called 7th on Sixth). After the show she walked right by me, I was definitely starstruck! I apologize for SO MANY pics… I may or may not have gone a little picture crazy! Stay tuned for Part 3 for a recap of the show!

IMG_4445Packing up the truck






IMG_4462 IMG_4458

Theater before the show!


Definitely a full house!

IMG_4475Fern Mallis (on the right, in the tan sweater and glasses)

IMG_4509Interview with Lubov Azria after the show



Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth


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  1. Oh I bet that was amazing!! Great blog!

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