DIY Infinity Scarf

I LOVE scarves, especially infinity scarves!  One of my friends came to church last Sunday with the cutest infinity scarf on-when I commented on it she told me that it was a regular scarf that she turned into an infinity scarf… brilliant right! I tried it the other day and it worked perfectly! There are two different ways to do this depending on if the edges of your scarf are straight or if they have tassels/strings at the end.

Straight Edge Scarf: Take the two edges, line them up and safety pin them together overlapping the two a little

Scarf with tassels/strings: Take one of the tassels from each end and tie them together (depending on how wide your scarf, you may need to tie more than one together).

Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth



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3 responses to “DIY Infinity Scarf

  1. zachandclem

    I tie almost all my scarves! Lol 🙂 Nice pattern on the first one especially, makes me wish it was summer… xx

  2. hey
    nice idea. thanks for a tip 😉


  3. Deb

    It’s freezing out today. I am going to go and tie up my fringed scarf right now! Thanks for the great idea, Amy and church friend 🙂

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