Quote of the Day: Don’t let the odds knock you down

Never let the oddsWhen coming across this quote yesterday I knew that it had to be my “Quote of the Day” today! If you didn’t ready my post from yesterday read it first or this will make no sense, haha! For months now I have been determined to be at Fashion Week in February; do you want to know what the odds of that were- most people won’t probably ever get the chance to go and I wanted to go at 19 years old!  Do you want to know the odds of a sophomore in a non-fashion college getting an internship during Fashion Week with one of the biggest companies- slim to none.  All of this to say that if you are determined and you know that you are meant to do something, odds don’t matter!  Hard work, hope and a heart for what you want to do means more than any “statistic”. Go out today and start making your dreams come true!

Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth


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