Quote of the Day: Darkness

DarknessWe went to Christmas “Eve Eve” service last night and instead of the usual “Christmas” story the pastor talked about how darkness becomes light.  He said this quote and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. (Sidenote: the background of the quote is a picture I took this weekend when I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Lost Pines Resort which was GORGEOUS) In literal darkness there is no light to be found and the same can be said for spiritual darkness.  How else can this world be filled with so much bad unless people felt like they had nothing left inside of them, no light to be found. The thing about light is that it radiates for others to see; when you smile at the person in the store or donate toys to kids who may not have any, you are spreading your light to people who may be in darkness. With Christmas tomorrow maybe its even your family that needs some of your light.  I don’t know where this Christmas finds you, but I hope that you know that no matter where you are or what you have done Jesus will always be your light in the darkness.

Love Always,

Amy Elizabeth


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