What I Learned from: Elle November 2012

As I was telling my friends, you can tell how bad I felt/how much I had to do by the fact that for the last week now I have had 3 new magazines  sitting on my shelf waiting for me to read.  Reading magazines is one way that I destress; whenever I get a new one it’s like Christmas.  I don’t have a subscription to Elle, but when I saw that Sarah Jessica Parker was on the cover this month I had to buy it.  To me SJP is one of the ultimate modern day New York fashion icons; this stems in part from her role in Sex and the City, but also as a New Yorker herself.  Here is what I learned from this issue of Elle. 

1. Goodbye to the no white after Labor Day Rule: If one of the biggest fashion icons can wear a white dress on the cover of one of the best fashion magazines, I’m pretty sure you can get away with wearing those white shoes that you reluctantly put away once September rolled around. I also love the turquoise statement necklace withe the white dress

2. Classic Hollywood is being Revived: This was Elle’s “Women in Hollywood” issue which featured many past and present iconic Hollywood starlets. One of my favorite up and coming stars is Emma Stone; she always find a way to look classy.

3. The Corp is in Style: At A&M the Corp of Cadets is a big deal, so when I saw an article about “Corp Style” it instantly caught my attention.  Obviously what the Corp wears and the pieces in Elle differed greatly, but the military inspired idea is definitely in for fall. Try it for yourself with lace up books or a leather watch.



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2 responses to “What I Learned from: Elle November 2012

  1. Thank you for keeping me up to date on fashion since I dont have time to read through Elle myself! Love the summary and…love you!

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